ErgoNoRA: the search tool for ergonomics standards

The German acronym "ErgoNoRA" stands for ergonomic standards search occupational safety and health. It is an extension of the NoRA OSH standards search tool, and has been specially designed and indexed with keywords for the field of ergonomics. It can be used free of charge to search for standards relevant to occupational safety and health in the field of ergonomics. You can access ErgoNoRA in the Search form and Advanced search form by limiting your search to the content of the ErgoNoRA database.

ErgoNoRA contains information on all standards developed by the DIN Ergonomics standards committee (NAErg). However, the tool can also be used to identify standards developed by other standards committees and containing provisions concerning ergonomics. The standards are indexed with keywords according to their areas of application and the types of hazard and against an extensive catalogue of search terms from the sphere of ergonomics. The tool thus permits detailed searches in the ergonomics standards. General search fields for criteria such as document number, date of issue and title are also provided, as for the full NoRA database.

Why would I need ErgoNoRA?

Information on the existence of a standard and its content often fails to reach those for whom it is intended. This is particularly true of ergonomics standards.

ErgoNoRA helps potential users to decide whether an ergonomics standard provides useful information in a specific case. For example, before purchasing a standard governing anthropometric data, you can determine whether it actually contains the information on a specific body dimension required for your product. That way, you can avoid spending money on standards that are ultimately of no use. In short, users – including small and medium-sized enterprises – have a simple and above all free means of searching for OSH-related standards in the field of ergonomics that are of relevance to them.

DIN Ergonomics standards committee

The DIN Ergonomics standards committee (NAErg) conducts standardization work on generic and cross-disciplinary ergonomic requirements.