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  • Document number:
    EN 60118-14
  • Issuing date:
  • Document type:
  • Title:
    Hearing aids - Part 14: Specification of a digital interface (IEC 60118-14:1998)
  • Replaces:
    prEN 60118-14(1997-10)
  • Author:
    CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
  • Search term:
    Acoustics; Acoustoelectric devices; Communication; Connections; Connectored joints; Digital; Digital signals; Electrical engineering; Electroacoustics; Hearing aids; Interfaces; Interfaces (data processing); Safety; Specification (approval); Supply voltages
  • Application areas:
    09.05 Medizinische Geräte und Instrumente
  • Hazards:
    KE Belastungen durch Funktionsstörungen an Arbeitsmitteln (Ausfall, Bruch, fehlerhafte Montage, Softwarefehler, Störung der Energieversorgung)
  • ICS:
    11.180.15 Aids for deaf and hearing impaired people
  • Cross references:
    EN 60118-12 (1996-10); IEC 60118-12 (1996-09); IEC 61076-4-105 (1995-06); EN 60601-1 (2006-10); IEC 60601-1-1 (1992-06); ITU-T V.24 (2000-02)
  • Identical with:
    DIN EN 60118-14(1998-11)<IDT>; BS EN 60118-14(1998-06-15)<IDT>; DS/EN 60118-14(1998-11-05)<IDT>; NF C97-634(1998-08-01)<IDT>; IEC 60118-14(1998-02)<IDT>; SN EN 60118-14(1998-04)<IDT>; OEVE EN 60118-14(1998-05-19)<IDT>; PN-EN 60118-14(2002-09-15)<IDT>; PN-EN 60118-14(2003-04-30)<IDT>; SS-EN 60118-14(1998-08-28)<IDT>; UNE-EN 60118-14(2000-12-26)<IDT>
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