How to use the Advanced Search function

Select whether you wish to search the entire NoRA database, or only in ErgoNoRA (ErgoNoRA contains information on ergonomics standards).

To search for a term in a specific category, first select the category from the drop-down list towards the bottom of the page (default: Document identifier).

Click on the small blue arrow on the right in the field below to open a window in which you can enter the search term. Then select one of the options in the box by means of its radio button, and click "Search" at the bottom.

You can use the plus sign on the right-hand side of the page to combine multiple fields. After adding multiple fields, you can choose how they are to be combined by selecting AND, OR or NOT on the right.

In the hit list, you can save individual hits to a wishlist, which you can then export and print out if desired. The entire hit list can also be exported by means of a button.

Should you have any questions, please contact Katharina von Rymon Lipinski at