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    This standard specifies terms for structural facilities used as places of assembly. Places of assembly are structures or parts of structures intended for the simultaneous presence of large numbers of people at events, in particular of an educational, economic, social, cultural, artistic, political, sporting or entertainment nature, as well as public houses and restaurants (cf. MVStättV). In this standard, places of assembly are differentiated according to their construction or use, whereby the core uses can be decisive for their designations. The term "core use" primarily refers to the use of the place of assembly as intended by the building permit. Places of assembly are therefore multi-purpose facilities that generally have a core use and also allow a larger or smaller number of additional uses. This range of uses for places of assembly includes, for example: - Trade fairs; - sports events; - cultural, social, political, scientific events, presentations, events; - music events; - theater events; - Television events and film screenings.
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    DIN 56920-1
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    Entertainment technology - Nomenclature for multi-purpose buildings, theatres and stages
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    Entertainment Technology, Photography and Cinematography Standards Committee
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    Areas; Arenas; Battery charging shops; Bridges; Cabins; Canteens; Cartridges; Central heating; Centre line; Changing facilities; Channels; Cinemas; Circus; Cloakrooms; Common rooms; Definitions; Dimensions; Electric power systems; Entrance halls; Equipment; Equipment rooms; Exits; Eye-level; Games; Gangways (buildings); Gantries; Heating equipment; Hoists; Left sides; Lighting systems; Operating rooms; Operating stations; Orchestra pits; Parquet; Projection rooms; Ramps; Reverberation rooms; Rings; Rooms; Samples; Stage areas; Stage floors; Stages; Stages (entertainment facilities); Stocks; Telecommunication; Terminology; Terminology standard; Theatre technics; Theatres; Ventilation; Visual angles; Vocabulary; Water supply; Working places; Zero line
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    35.01 Arbeitsbedingungen und Arbeitsumwelt im Allgemeinen: Grundlagen und Begriffe
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    AA Gefährdungen und Belastungen im Allgemeinen; AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug
  • ICS:
    01.040.97 Domestic and commercial equipment. Entertainment. Sports (Vocabularies); 97.200.10 Theatre, stage and studio equipment
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