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  • Abstract:
    The DIN 66399 series of standards applies to equipment and installations which are intended to destroy information carriers containing sensitive information in such a way that the reproduction of the contained information is either impossible or considerably impeded. This part 1 defines terms and definitions and specifies the basics regarding the destruction of data carriers.
  • Document number:
    DIN 66399-1
  • Issuing date:
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  • Title:
    Office machines - Destruction of data carriers - Part 1: Principles and definitions
  • Replaces:
    DIN 32757-1(1995-01); DIN 66399-1(2011-09)
  • Author:
    Information Technology and selected IT Applications Standards Committee
  • Search term:
    Classes of protection; Classification; Confidentiality; Data; Data media; Data processing; Data protection; Data security; Data systems engineering; Definitions; Destruction; Destructions; Document-destroying machines; Documents; Extinction; Information; Information carriers; Information processing; Information technology; Office equipment; Office machines; Office system; Personal data; Safety; Secrecy; Security class; Terminology
  • Application areas:
    07.05 Anlagen, Maschinen, Geräte
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; AC Mess- und Prüfverfahren für die Ermittlung von Belastungen und Gefährdungen; KE Belastungen durch Funktionsstörungen an Arbeitsmitteln (Ausfall, Bruch, fehlerhafte Montage, Softwarefehler, Störung der Energieversorgung)
  • ICS:
    35.030 IT Security; 35.260 Office machines
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    49,00 EUR
  • Cited in:
    DIN 66398 (2016-05); DIN 66399-2 (2012-10)<GLEITEND>; DIN SPEC 66399-3 (2013-02)<GLEITEND>; DIN SPEC 91386 (2021-03); 16/30348190 DC (2016-12-06); 16/30353336 DC (2016-12-06); OENORM S 2450 (2014-05-01); RAL-UZ 174 (2012-08); RAL-UZ 174 (2018-01)
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