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  • Document number:
    EN IEC 62282-8-101
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    Fuel cell technologies - Part 8-101: Energy storage systems using fuel cell modules in reverse mode - Test procedures for the performance of solid oxide single cells and stacks, including reversible operation (IEC 62282-8-101:2020)
  • Replaces:
    FprEN IEC 62282-8-101(2019-10)
  • Author:
    CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization
  • Search term:
    Batteries; Data exchange; Definitions; Efficiency; Electric generators; Electrical engineering; Electrical safety; Electrochemical devices; Energy conversion; Fuel cells; Hydrogen technology; Marking; Measuring instruments; Measuring techniques; Modular units; Modules; Nuclear fuel technology; Oxides; Performance requirements; Power generation; Safety engineering; Safety measures; Structural systems; Testing; Testing system
  • Application areas:
    04.35 Galvanische Zellen, Batterien
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; KF Belastungen durch Störungen, Ausfall und Fehlen von Sicherheitseinrichtungen
  • ICS:
    27.070 Fuel cells; 27.075 Hydrogen technologies
  • Cross references:
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  • Cited in:
    BS EN IEC 62282-7-2 (2021-07-30)
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    DIN EN IEC 62282-8-101(2022-05)<IDT>; BS EN IEC 62282-8-101(2020-04-23)<IDT>; NF C56-282-8-101(2020-04-17)<IDT>; IEC 62282-8-101(2020-02)<IDT>; OVE EN IEC 62282-8-101(2022-06-01)<IDT>; UNE-EN IEC 62282-8-101(2020-08-01)<IDT>; TS EN IEC 62282-8-101(2020-07-02)<IDT>
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