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    This document specifies the information technology implementation of life cycle records for technical objects according to DIN 77005-1 in the form of digital life cycle records. The information model from DIN 77005-1 is formalized and extended. This document is to be used for the creation, exchange and joint processing of digital lifecycle records. The requirements of this document enable basic compatibility between digital life cycle records, life cycle records systems and their related software systems, e. g. enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), document management systems (DMS) or product data management systems (PDM). The requirements of this standard concern the transfer and adoption of digital lifecycle records as well as access to documented information in the object lifecycle. This standard addresses software manufacturers who import, process, and export digital lifecycle records for physical assets, and at physical asset manufacturers who provide digital lifecycle records together with a product. Persons who are responsible for providing or maintaining digital lifecycle records or for creating, using, and assuring the quality of asset-related information can use the information model to obtain application instructions for information management in the asset lifecycle. Users of digital lifecycle records can align their work and information exchange processes according to the requirements of this standard. This standard does not regulate - access permissions to documents and data; - user roles; - implementation details for software systems, software, and data interfaces that implement digital life cycle record requirements; and - requirements regarding rights of use, copyright, or other ownership of documented information. Specifications are made for metadata, but not for the content characteristics of this data. EXAMPLE The standard specifies metadata for document type classification systems, but not which classification system must be used.
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    DIN 77005-2
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    Lifecycle record of technical objects - Part 2: Digital Lifecycle record
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    Services Standards Committee
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    Activity; Components; Computer applications; Concepts; Coordination; Data field; Data processing; Definitions; Developments; Digital; Document management; Documentation; Documentation systematics; Documents; Information; Information handling; Information models; Information transfer; Life cycles; Metadata; Models; Organization; Planning; Project management; Records (documents); Representations; Specification (approval); Specifications
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    03.01 Anlagen, Maschinen, Geräte im Allgemeinen; 07.01 Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik, Datenverarbeitung im Allgemeinen
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    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; HI Mangelhafte Gebrauchsanweisungen und Betriebsanleitungen
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    01.110 Technical product documentation
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