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  • Document number:
    EN IEC 63056
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  • Title:
    Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - Safety requirements for secondary lithium cells and batteries for use in electrical energy storage systems (IEC 63056:2020)
  • Replaces:
    FprEN IEC 63056(2019-11)
  • Author:
    CLC/TC 21X Secondary cells and batteries
  • Search term:
    Alarm systems; Alkaline batteries; Batteries; Definitions; Designations; Dimensions; Discharge tests; Electrical engineering; Electrical safety; Emergency lighting; Energy storage; Lithium; Lithium batteries; Marking; Overcharging; Photovoltaics; Protection against electric shocks; Rechargeable; Recharging; Secondary batteries; Short circuits; Storage batteries; Telecommunications; Testing; Testing conditions
  • Application areas:
    04.35 Galvanische Zellen, Batterien
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; EB Berühren spannungsführender oder leitfähiger Teile; FA Brand- und Explosionsgefährdungen im Allgemeinen
  • ICS:
    29.220.30 Alkaline secondary cells and batteries
  • Cross references:
    IEC 60950-1 (2005-12)<S>; IEC 62620 (2014-11)<S>; IEC 60050-482 (2004-04)<G>; IEC 60695-10-2 (2014-02)<G>; IEC 60695-11-10 (2013-05)<G>; ISO/IEC Guide 51 (2014-04)<G>; IEC 62619 (2022-05)<G>
  • Identical with:
    DIN EN IEC 63056(2021-04)<IDT>; 18/30352071 DC(2018-08-10)<IDT>; BS EN IEC 63056(2020-05-27)<IDT>; NF C58-056(2020-05-22)<IDT>; IEC 63056(2020-03)<IDT>; OVE EN IEC 63056(2021-05-01)<IDT>; OVE EN IEC 63056/AC(2022-06-01)<IDT>; UNE-EN IEC 63056(2020-07-01)<IDT>; TS EN IEC 63056(2020-11-09)<IDT>
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