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    This part of IEC 62822 applies to equipment for resistance welding and allied processes designed for occupational use by professionals and for use by laymen. NOTE 1 Typical allied processes are resistance hard and soft soldering or resistance heating achieved by means comparable to resistance welding equipment. This document specifies procedures for the assessment of human exposure to magnetic fields produced by resistance welding equipment. It covers non-thermal biological effects in the frequency range from 0 Hz to 10 MHz and defines standardized test scenarios. NOTE 2 The general term "field" is used throughout this document for "magnetic field". NOTE 3 For the assessment of exposure to electric fields and thermal effects, the methods specified in the Generic Standard IEC 62311 or relevant basic standards apply. This document does not define methods for workplace assessment regarding the risks arising from electromagnetic fields (EMF). However, the EMF data that results from the application of this Basic Standard can be used to assist in workplace assessment. Other standards can apply to products covered by this document. In particular this document cannot be used to demonstrate electromagnetic compatibility with other equipment. It does not specify any product safety requirements other than those specifically related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields. This document focuses on the use of coupling coefficients to assess the exposure to EMF.
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    IEC 62822-3
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    Electric welding equipment - Assessment of restrictions related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields (0 Hz to 300 GHz) - Part 3: Resistance welding equipment
  • Replaces:
    IEC 26/626A/FDIS(2017-07)
  • Author:
    IEC/TC 26 Electric welding
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    Definitions; Electrical safety; Electromagnetic fields; Exposure; Human body; Mathematical calculations; Measurement; Measuring techniques; Occupational safety; Operating conditions; Operational mode; Properties; Resistance-welding equipment; Restriction; Specification (approval); Testing; Testing conditions; Welding; Welding engineering; Welding equipment; Welding machines; Workplace safety
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    02.35 Werkzeuge für Schweiß- und Verbindungstechnik (Löten, Schweißen, Nieten, Kleben, Heften, Nageln, Nähen, Stricken, Flechten u. Ä.); 03.28 Schweiß- und Verbindungstechnik (Löten, Schweißen, Nieten, Kleben, Heften, Nageln, Nähen, Stricken, Flechten u. Ä.)
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    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; AC Mess- und Prüfverfahren für die Ermittlung von Belastungen und Gefährdungen; GH Elektrische, magnetische und elektromagnetische Felder
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    25.160.30 Welding equipment
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    310,00 EUR
  • Cross references:
    IEC 61786-1 (2013-12)<G>; IEC 61786-2 (2014-12)<G>; IEC 62226-2-1 (2004-11)<G>; IEC 62822-1 (2016-03)<G>
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