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Ergonomic standard
  • Document number:
    ISO 7779
  • Issuing date:
  • Document type:
  • Title:
    Acoustics - Measurement of airborne noise emitted by information technology and telecommunications equipment
  • Replaces:
    ISO 7779(2010-08); ISO/FDIS 7779(2018-08)
  • Author:
    ISO/TC 43 Acoustics
  • Search term:
    Acoustic measurement; Acoustic testing; Acoustics; Airborne noise; Airborne noise emitted; Airborne sound; Cables; Calibration; Clay fraction; Comparison; Computers; Corrections; Data; Data processing; Data processing equipment; Definitions; Determination; Enveloping surface methods; Environment; Ergonomics; External noise; Filters; Free fields; Frequencies; Handling; Information technology; Input voltage; Installations; Instruments; Layout; Loudness levels; Machine noise; Machines; Measurement; Measurement duration; Measuring banks; Measuring environment; Measuring instruments; Measuring rooms; Measuring surfaces; Measuring systems; Measuring techniques; Measuring uncertainty; Methods; Microphones; Moisture; Noise; Noise control; Noise emissions; Noise (environmental); Noise measurement; Office equipment; Office machines; Operating conditions; Operating stations; Operation; Operators; PC; Personal computers; Precision; Pressure; Printers; Reflection; Reverberation room method; Reverberation rooms; Rotation; Sitting; Sound intensity; Sound level; Sound pressure; Sound pressure level; Sound sources; Tables; Telecommunications; Temperature; Terminals; Testing; Type of unit; Working places
  • Application areas:
    03.60 Büromaschinen, Datenverarbeitungsgeräte
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; AC Mess- und Prüfverfahren für die Ermittlung von Belastungen und Gefährdungen; GC Schall (Lärm)
  • ICS:
    17.140.20 Noise emitted by machines and equipment; 35.020 Information technology (IT) in general
  • Price:
    234,30 EUR
  • Cross references:
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  • Identical with:
    DIN EN ISO 7779(2019-04)<IDT>; BS EN ISO 7779(2018-12-19)<IDT>; DS/EN ISO 7779(2018-12-18)<IDT>; EN ISO 7779(2018-12)<IDT>; NF S31-072(2018-12-12)<IDT>; SN EN ISO 7779(2019-08)<IDT>; OENORM EN ISO 7779(2019-06-01)<IDT>; SS-EN ISO 7779(2018-12-19)<IDT>; UNE-EN ISO 7779(2021-01-20)<IDT>; TS EN ISO 7779(2020-11-09)<IDT>
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