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    ISO 15370 DAM 1
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    Ships and marine technology - Low-location lighting (LLL) on passenger ships - Arrangement - Amendment 1: Test method and criteria on flame retardance of Phosphorescent (PL) materials
  • Author:
    ISO/TC 8 Ships and marine technology
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    Approval; Attachment; Design; Electroluminescence; Escape; Fire-escape routes; Floors; Fluorescent; Guidance systems; Guidelines; Installation; Lamps; Layout; Longtime afterglowing; Low-locating safety lighting systems; Luminance; Maintenance; Marking; Measurement; Measuring techniques; Mounting; Naval engineering; Navigation; Offshore engineering; Passenger ships; Performance requirements; Phosphorescence; Products documentation; Safety; Safety engineering; Safety measures; Safety requirements; Safety systems; Specification (approval); Systems; Testing; Water transport
  • Application areas:
    06.20 Fahrzeuge, Fahrzeugteile; 35.01 Arbeitsbedingungen und Arbeitsumwelt im Allgemeinen: Grundlagen und Begriffe
  • Hazards:
    FB Brandgefährdungen; HA Gefährdungen durch Faktoren der Arbeits- und Arbeitsplatzgestaltung im Allgemeinen
  • ICS:
    47.020.99 Other standards related to shipbuilding and marine structures
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    19,90 EUR
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    22/30438916 DC(2022-09-05)<IDT>
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