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  • Abstract:
    This European Standard is to be used together with EN 13001-1 and EN 13001-2 and as such they specify general conditions, requirements and methods to prevent mechanical hazards of wire ropes of cranes by design and theoretical verification. Specific requirements for particular types of cranes are given in the appropriate European Standard for the particular crane type. EN 13001-3-2 deals only with the limit state method in accordance with EN 13001-1.
  • Document number:
    DIN EN 13001-3-2/A1
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  • Title:
    Cranes - General design - Part 3-2: Limit states and proof of competence of wire ropes in reeving systems; German and English version EN 13001-3-2:2014/prA1:2017
  • Author:
    Mechanical Engineering Standards Committee
  • Search term:
    Cable drives; CE marking; Cranes; Design; Fatigue; Fatigue behaviour; Hazard removal; Hazards; Mechanical engineering; Protective measures; Safeguarding; Safety; Safety measures; Safety of machinery; Safety requirements; Safety verification; Specification (approval); Strength of materials; Types; Verification; Wire ropes; Workplace safety
  • Application areas:
    06.05 Transport- und Hebeeinrichtungen (Winden, Hub- und Zuggeräte, Krane, Aufzüge, Hebebühnen, Flurförderzeuge, Seile, Ketten, Haken)
  • Hazards:
    HA Gefährdungen durch Faktoren der Arbeits- und Arbeitsplatzgestaltung im Allgemeinen
  • ICS:
    21.220.20 Cable or rope drives and their components; 53.020.20 Cranes
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    85,20 EUR
  • Identical with:
    EN 13001-3-2/prA1(2017-09)<IDT>
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