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  • Abstract:
    This European Standard specifies a method for determining the velocity of detonation of detonating cords
  • Document number:
    DIN EN 13630-11
  • Issuing date:
  • Document type:
  • Title:
    Explosives for civil uses - Detonating cords and safety fuses - Part 11: Determination of velocity of detonation of detonating cords; German and English version prEN 13630-11:2021
  • Author:
    Materials Testing Standards Committee
  • Search term:
    CE marking; Detonating fuses; Detonation; Explosives; Igniters; Ignition time; Ignitor; Inflammable matters; Materials testing; Mining; Priming line; Safety; Specimen preparation; Testing; Testing devices; Velocity; Velocity measurement
  • Application areas:
    20.20 Feststoffe
  • Hazards:
    FC Explosionsgefährdung
  • ICS:
    71.100.30 Explosives. Pyrotechnics and fireworks
  • Price:
    62,00 EUR
  • Identical with:
    prEN 13630-11(2021-04)<IDT>
  • Legislation:
    2014/28/EU (2014-02-26)<M>; Explosivstoffrichtlinie
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