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  • Abstract:
    This European Standard specifies general performance requirements of the machines and equipment for welding by hot gas of semi-finished products made from thermoplastics, including hot gas extrusion welding.
  • Document number:
    DIN EN 13705
  • Issuing date:
  • Document type:
  • Title:
    Welding of thermoplastics - Machines and equipment for hot gas welding (including extrusion welding); German version EN 13705:2004
  • Replaces:
    DIN EN 13705(1999-12)
  • Author:
    Welding and allied processes
  • Search term:
    Accessories; Air; Air supply; Climate; Constructions; Control devices; Control systems; Design; Equipment; Extrusion welding; Fans; Filler materials; Gas-welding equipment; Hot-gas welding; Machines; Marking; Plastics; Protection; Protective measures; Semi-finished products; Specification (approval); Temperature; Thermoplastic polymers; Welding; Welding equipment; Welding machines; Welding processes
  • Application areas:
    03.28 Schweiß- und Verbindungstechnik (Löten, Schweißen, Nieten, Kleben, Heften, Nageln, Nähen, Stricken, Flechten u. Ä.)
  • Hazards:
    HB Klima (Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit, Luftströmung, Luftzusammensetzung u. Ä.)
  • ICS:
    25.160.30 Welding equipment
  • Price:
    63,20 EUR
  • Cross references:
    ; EN ISO 5171 (2019-05)<G>; EN ISO 2503 (2009-07)<G>
  • Identical with:
    EN 13705(2004-07)<IDT>
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