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Ergonomic standard
  • Abstract:
    This document gives requirements for the types of industrial trucks specified in the scope of EN ISO 3691-2:2016. This document is intended to be used in conjunction with EN ISO 3691-2:2016. These requirements are supplementary to those stated in EN ISO 3691-2:2016. This document deals with the following significant hazards, hazardous situations or hazardous events relevant, when it is used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer: — electrical requirements; — noise emissions; — vibration; — electromagnetic radiation. This document defines supplementary requirements to EN ISO 3691-2:2016: — operator's seat; — protection against crushing, shearing and trapping; — longitudinal stability determination; — visibility; — information for use (instruction handbook and marking). Annex A (informative) contains the list of significant hazards covered by this standard.
  • Document number:
    DIN EN 16307-2
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  • Title:
    Industrial trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 2: Supplementary requirements for self-propelled variable-reach trucks; German and English version prEN 16307-2:2021
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    Mechanical Engineering Standards Committee
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    Abrasion; Accident prevention; Anatomical configurations; Battery-powered devices; CE marking; Chemical-resistance tests; Combustion; Communication; Components; Control equipment; Control systems; Dimensions; Electric cells; Electric conductors; Electric connectors; Electric enclosures; Electrical components; Electrical engineering; Electrical insulation; Electrical safety; Electrical testing; Electrically-operated devices; Electrostatics; Energy supply; Environment (working); Environmental testing; Equipment safety; Erecting (construction operation); Ergonomics; Explosion hazard; Fire hazards; Friction; Hazards; Industrial tractors; Industrial truck; Industrial trucks; Inspection; Instructions for use; Lead-acid batteries; Lifting tackle; Lighting systems; Load capacity; Machines; Marking; Materials handling equipment; Mechanical crimping; Mechanical engineering; Motors; Noise (environmental); Occupational safety; Operating elements; Operating instructions; Operational instructions; Operator places; Overload (electric); Overspeed tests; Power drives; Powered industrial trucks; Protected electrical equipment; Protection against danger; Protection against electric shocks; Protection devices; Rated current; Rated voltage; Safety; Safety devices; Safety engineering; Safety markings; Safety measures; Safety of products; Safety requirements; Specification (approval); Stability; Start; Switches; Testing; Tractors; User information; Variability; Vehicle components; Velocity; Vibration; Working range; Workplace safety
  • Application areas:
    06.05 Transport- und Hebeeinrichtungen (Winden, Hub- und Zuggeräte, Krane, Aufzüge, Hebebühnen, Flurförderzeuge, Seile, Ketten, Haken)
  • Hazards:
    DA Mechanische Gefährdungen im Allgemeinen; EB Berühren spannungsführender oder leitfähiger Teile; GA Gefährdungen durch physikalische Einwirkungen im Allgemeinen; HD Handhabungsfaktoren (Gestaltung und Anordnung von Bedienelementen, Bewegungsraum, Gestaltung und Handhabbarkeit von Arbeitsmitteln, Sichtfeld, Standsicherheit)
  • ICS:
    53.060 Industrial trucks
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    77,40 EUR
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    prEN 16307-2(2021-10)<IDT>
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