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  • Abstract:
    This European Standard EN 17649:2022 has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 234 "Gas infrastructure", the secretariat of which is held by DIN. It supersedes EN 15399:2018 and EN 16348:2013. and provides guidance on the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a safety management system, all in order to provide an efficient gas transmission and distribution infrastructure for the safe transport of gas. This European Standard supports a system operator in the implementation of a management system following the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) methodology. It can be used in conjunction with ISO Management Systems and also in case of assessment or certification by a third party. New points for attention in this document are adaptations to climate change and the injection of hydrogen and other gases into natural gas networks. As gases other than natural gas will be more often injected into existing natural gas networks in the future, Management of Change has been introduced in this document to ensure that all relevant safety aspects are taken into account when this occurs.
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    DIN EN 17649
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    Gas infrastructure - Safety Management System (SMS) and Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) - Functional requirements; German version EN 17649:2022
  • Replaces:
    DIN EN 15399(2019-03); DIN EN 16348(2013-09); DIN EN 17649(2021-04)
  • Author:
    Gas Technology Standards Committee
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    Analysis; Biomethane; Commissioning; Communication; Competence; Damage; Defects; Definitions; Design; Developments; Energy transfer; Functions; Gas circuits; Gas supply nets; Gas supply system; Gas technology; Gas transportation; Hazards; Hydrogen; Incidents; Information systems; Integrity; Interferences; Lay-ups; Maintenance; Management; Management systems; Monitoring; Natural gas; Operation; Operational safety; Organization; Pipelines; Planning; Providers; Quality assurance; Quality management; Reliability; Safety; Safety requirements; Security management; Specification (approval); Suppliers; Supply systems; Working pressures
  • Application areas:
    05.05 Energieanlagen (Wasserwerke, Wasserkraft, Gaserzeugung, Heizwerke, Kernenergie, Windenergie, Sonnenenergie)
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; BF Toxische Stoffe; FA Brand- und Explosionsgefährdungen im Allgemeinen
  • ICS:
    03.100.70 Management systems; 23.040.01 Pipeline components and pipelines in general; 27.075 Hydrogen technologies; 75.200 Petroleum products and natural gas handling equipment
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    137,10 EUR
  • Cross references:
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    EN 17649(2022-08)<IDT>
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