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  • Abstract:
    This standard is applicable to lead-acid batteries with a nominal voltage of 12 V and 6 V, used primarily as a power source for the starting of internal combustion engines, lighting and also for auxiliary equipment of internal combustion engine vehicles. These batteries are commonly called "starter batteries". This standard is applicable to batteries for the following purposes: - batteries for passenger cars, - batteries for commercial and industrial vehicles for normal use, - batteries for commercial and industrial vehicles for severe use.
  • Document number:
    DIN EN 50342-1; VDE 0510-101
  • Issuing date:
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  • Title:
    Lead-acid starter batteries - Part 1: General requirements and methods of test; German version EN 50342-1:2015 + A1:2018
  • Replaces:
    DIN EN 50342-1(2016-09); DIN EN 50342-1/A1(2018-08)
  • Author:
    German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies of DIN and VDE
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    Batteries; Carriages; Definitions; Dimensions; Durability; Electric cells; Electrical appliances; Electrical engineering; Electrical properties; Electrical properties and phenomena; Electrically-operated devices; Graphic symbols; Inscription; Internal combustion engines; Lead; Lead-acid batteries; Lighting systems; Marking; Measuring instruments; Mechanical properties; Motor vehicles; Motors; Numbering; Operational safety; Private cars; Properties; Safety markings; Secondary batteries; Specification (approval); Starter batteries; Starters; Storage batteries; Strength of materials; Strength tests; Symbols; Testing; Testing conditions; Vehicles
  • Application areas:
    04.35 Galvanische Zellen, Batterien
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; EB Berühren spannungsführender oder leitfähiger Teile; KE Belastungen durch Funktionsstörungen an Arbeitsmitteln (Ausfall, Bruch, fehlerhafte Montage, Softwarefehler, Störung der Energieversorgung)
  • ICS:
    29.220.20 Acid secondary cells and batteries
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    66,06 EUR
  • Cross references:
    EN 50342-5 (2010-11)<G>; EN 50342-6 (2015-11)<G>; EN 61429 (1996-11)<G>; IEC 60050-482 (2004-04)<G>; EN 50342-2 (2019-10)<G>; EN 50342-4 (2020-11)<G>; DIN EN 50342-5 (2011-11); DIN EN 61429 (1997-11); 2014/ECE37/EU (2014-07-18); DIN EN 50342-2 (2021-01); DIN EN 50342-4 (2021-10); DIN EN 50342-6 (2019-05)
  • Cited in:
    DIN EN 50342-1 Berichtigung 1 (2019-08)<STARR>; DIN EN 50342-2 (2021-01); DIN EN 50342-4 (2021-10); VDE-AR-E 2520 (2020-10)<GLEITEND>
  • Identical with:
    EN 50342-1(2015-11)<IDT>; EN 50342-1/A1(2018-11)<IDT>
  • Legislation:
    ProdSGVerz2Teil 1 (2021-12-16)
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