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Ergonomic standard
  • Abstract:
    This international standard is applicable to electrical insulating sleeves for the protection of workers from accidental contact with live electrical conductors, apparatus or circuits.
  • Document number:
    DIN EN 60984; VDE 0682-312
  • Issuing date:
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  • Title:
    Live working - Electrical insulating sleeves (IEC 78/926/CD:2011)
  • Author:
    German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies of DIN and VDE
  • Search term:
    Abrasion resistance; Acceptance inspection; Acid resistance; Acids; Ageing tests; Burning behaviours; Classes of protection; Classification; Climate; Coldness; Consistency (mechanical property); Contact safety devices; Definitions; Dimensions; Elastomers; Electric contact protection; Electric shock; Electrical engineering; Electrical equipment; Electrical insulating materials; Electrical properties; Electrical safety; Electrical testing; Elongation; Equipment; Ergonomics; Firmness; Gloves; Hand shields; Heat; Inspection; Instructions for use; Insulating gloves; Insulations; Live working; Maintenance; Marking; Materials; Materials specification; Mechanical load; Mechanical properties; Mechanical testing; Occupational safety; Oil resistance; Ozone; Ozone resistance; Packages; Personnel protective equipment; Physical properties; Properties; Protection against electric shocks; Protective clothing; Protective gloves; Quality assurance; Resistance; Rubber; Safety engineering; Safety measures; Shape; Specification (approval); Strength of materials; Stress; Tear strength; Tensile strength; Testing; Thermal testing; Visual inspection (testing); Voltage protection; Work clothes; Workplace safety
  • Application areas:
    30.35 Hand- und Armschutz
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; AC Mess- und Prüfverfahren für die Ermittlung von Belastungen und Gefährdungen
  • ICS:
    13.260 Protection against electric shock. Live working; 13.340.40 Hand and arm protection
  • Price:
    40,50 EUR
  • Cited in:
    DIN EN 50110-1 (2014-02); DIN EN 50488 (2021-07)
  • Identical with:
    IEC 78/926/CD(2011-07)<IDT>
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