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  • Abstract:
    The Supplement includes a checklist concerning the requirements of air conditioning systems for use in buildings and rooms of health care.
  • Document number:
    DIN 1946-4 Beiblatt 1
  • Issuing date:
  • Document type:
  • Title:
    Ventilation and air conditioning - Part 4: Ventilation in buildings and rooms of health care - Supplement 1: Checklist for planning, execution and operation of components
  • Author:
    Heating and Ventilation Technology Standards Committee
  • Search term:
    Acceptance inspection; Air conditioning; Air flow; Air purification; Air-conditioning equipment; Air-conditioning systems; Cleaning; Components; Design; Disinfection; Extract ventilation; Hospitals; Humidity; Hygiene; Input ventilation; Maintenance; Operation; Planning; Public health; Sound insulation; Specification (approval); Temperature; Thermal comfort; Thermal environment systems; Ventilation
  • Application areas:
    03.40 Heizungs-, Kälte-, Klima-, Kochanlagen (Trocknen, Befeuchten, Räuchern)
  • Hazards:
    BB Mikroorganismen (Viren, Bakterien, Parasiten u. Ä.); BF Toxische Stoffe; HB Klima (Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit, Luftströmung, Luftzusammensetzung u. Ä.)
  • ICS:
    91.040.10 Public buildings; 91.140.30 Ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Price:
    85,20 EUR
  • Cross references:
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  • Cited in:
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