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  • Abstract:
    This International Standard specifies the test methods and acceptance criteria for evaluating the electromagnetic compatibility of tractors, and all kinds of mobile (including hand-held or battery powered) agricultural and forestry machines, landscaping and gardening machines [referred to hereafter as machine(s)] as supplied by the machine manufacturer. It is applicable to machines and electrical/electronic sub-assemblies (ESA s) which are manufactured after the date of publication of this International Standard. This Part specifies general EMC requirements under typical EMC environmental conditions. ISO 14982-2:20xx deals with EMC requirements specifically related to functional safety.
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    DIN EN ISO 14982-1
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    Agricultural and forestry machines - Electromagnetic compatibility - Part 1: General EMC requirements (ISO/DIS 14982-1:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 14892-1:2021
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    Mechanical Engineering Standards Committee
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    Acceptance; Agricultural equipment; Agricultural machines; Agriculture; CE marking; Chargings; Definitions; Electrical systems; Electromagnetic compatibility; Electromagnetic tests; Electrostatics; EMC; Environment; Evaluations; Forestry; Frequencies; Gardening equipment; Influence quantities; Interference factors; Interference rejections; Interferences; Interfering emissions; Limits (mathematics); Machines; Measurement; Measuring equipment; Measuring instruments; Measuring results; Measuring techniques; Mechanical engineering; Motors; Rotational speeds; Safety of machinery; Specification (approval); Testing; Weighting system
  • Application areas:
    03.88 Land- und Forstmaschinen, Spritz- und Sprühgeräte, Gartengeräte
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; AC Mess- und Prüfverfahren für die Ermittlung von Belastungen und Gefährdungen; GH Elektrische, magnetische und elektromagnetische Felder
  • ICS:
    33.100.01 Electromagnetic compatibility in general; 65.060.01 Agricultural machines and equipment in general
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    137,10 EUR
  • Identical with:
    prEN ISO 14982-1(2021-05)<IDT>; ISO/DIS 14982-1(2021-05)<IDT>
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