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  • Abstract:
    This European Standard defines the data objects to be stored within an integrated circuit(s) card and exchanged in order to enable integrated circuit(s) card accepting terminals to identify specific user interface preferences. The preference information may be used by terminals to configure appropriate methods of communicating with the user during a transaction process. The European Standard also specifies a mechanism for the retrieval of the user preference information from an integrated circuit(s) card and for the combination of data objects to form particular user profiles, through the assignment of unique tags. Formats and detailed definitions of single data objects are specified, however, the exact method of storage of data within the integrated circuit(s) card is outside the scope of this European Standard. This European Standard is applicable to the scenario where the cardholder operates the card accepting equipment (e. g. a cash dispenser, ticket machine, vending machine) and to integrated circuit(s) cards conforming to ISO/IEC 7816-4 and ISO/IEC 7816-6 and personalised to the individual cardholder.
  • Document number:
    EN 1332-4
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  • Title:
    Identification card systems - Man-machine interface - Part 4: Coding of user requirements for people with special needs
  • Replaces:
    EN 1332-4(1999-07); prEN 1332-4(2007-02)
  • Author:
    CEN/TC 224 Machine-readable cards, related device interfaces and operations
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    Accessible; Amount; Application software; Cards; Communication software; Data elements; Definitions; Design; Encoding; Ergonomics; IC cards; Identifications systems; Identity cards; Information processing; Instructions; Interfaces; Interfaces (data processing); Layout; Machine readable; Machine-readable materials; Machines; Man-machine; Numeric; People; Position; Printed-circuit cards; Recommendation; Specification; Specification (approval); Symbols; Terminal devices; User; User interface; Users
  • Application areas:
    07.01 Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik, Datenverarbeitung im Allgemeinen; 37.01 Schnittstelle Mensch-Maschine oder Arbeitsmittel im Allgemeinen
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; IB Wahrnehmungsfaktoren an Bildschirmarbeitsplätzen und in Leitwarten (Informationselemente und deren Anordnung, Daueraufmerksamkeit, Konzentration, Informationsmenge und -struktur)
  • ICS:
    35.240.15 Identification cards. Chip cards. Biometrics
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    71,10 EUR
  • Cross references:
    ISO/IEC 7816-4 (2005-01){historisch}<S>; ISO/IEC 7816-6 (2004-05){historisch}<S>; ISO/IEC 8825-1 (2002-12){historisch}<S>; ISO 639-1 (2002-07)<G>; ISO 639-2 (1998-11)<G>; ISO 639-3 (2007-02)<G>
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  • Identical with:
    DIN EN 1332-4(2007-09)<IDT>; BS EN 1332-4(2007-07-31)<IDT>; DS/EN 1332-4(2007-10-22)<IDT>; NF Z15-154(2007-08-01)<IDT>; SN EN 1332-4(2007-09)<IDT>; OENORM EN 1332-4(2007-09-01)<IDT>; PN-EN 1332-4(2007-10-22)<IDT>; PN-EN 1332-4(2009-10-02)<IDT>; SS-EN 1332-4(2007-06-25)<IDT>; UNE-EN 1332-4(2007-09-01)<IDT>; TS EN 1332-4(2012-06-05)<IDT>
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