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Ergonomic standard
  • Abstract:
    This document specifies requirements for constant wear lifejackets for use by helicopter crew members and passengers in the event of a ditching or water impact, to ensure minimum levels of performance. It only applies to constant wear lifejackets for use by adults and that are intended to be manually inflated after leaving the helicopter. Helicopter constant wear lifejackets are designed to be worn with or without a helicopter immersion suit and/or emergency breathing system.
  • Document number:
    FprEN 4862
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  • Title:
    Aerospace series - Rotorcraft constant wear lifejackets - Requirements, testing and marking
  • Replaces:
    prEN 4862(2021-04)
  • Author:
    ASD-STAN AeroSpace and Defence Industrie Association of Europe - Standardization
  • Search term:
    Aerospace transport; Crew; Definitions; Efficiency; Emergency; Emergency equipment; Helicopters; Inflatable; Life jackets; Marking; Protective clothing; Protective equipment; Rotary-wing aircraft; Rotor craft; Space transport; Specification (approval); Testing; Water
  • Application areas:
    30.55 Persönliche Schutzausrüstungen gegen Ertrinken
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; AD Folgen von Belastungen und Gefährdungen (z. B. Ermüden, Ersticken, Ertrinken); KF Belastungen durch Störungen, Ausfall und Fehlen von Sicherheitseinrichtungen
  • ICS:
    13.340.10 Protective clothing
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    99,10 EUR
  • Cited in:
    ASD-STAN prEN 4856 (2022-06-01)<GLEITEND>
  • Identical with:
    DIN EN 4862(2022-08)<IDT>; 21/30436461 DC(2021-04-22)<IDT>; ASD-STAN prEN 4862(2022-02-01)<IDT>
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