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  • Abstract:
    This document gives calculation methods, guidance and requirements for the design, installation, acceptance testing, routine testing and maintenance for pressure differential systems (PDS). PDSs are designed to hold back smoke at a leaky physical barrier in a building, such as a door (either open or closed) or other similarly restricted openings and to keep tenable conditions in escape and access routes depending on the application. It covers systems intended to protect means of escape e. g. staircases, corridors, lobbies, as well as systems intended to provide a protected firefighting space (bridgehead) for the fire services. It provides details on the critical features and relevant procedures for the installation. It describes the commissioning procedures and acceptance testing criteria required to confirm that the calculated design is achieved in the building. This document gives rules, requirements and procedures to design PDS for buildings up to 60 m. For buildings taller than 60 m the same requirements are given, but additional methods of calculation and verification are necessary. Requirements for such methods and verification are given in Annex D, but the methods fall outside the scope of this document [e. g. Additional mathematical analysis and/or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)]. Routine testing and maintenance requirements are also defined in this document.
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    EN 12101-13
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    Smoke and heat control systems - Part 13: Pressure differential systems (PDS) - Design and calculation methods, installation, acceptance testing, routine testing and maintenance
  • Replaces:
    EN 12101-6(2005-06); EN 12101-6/AC(2006-08); FprEN 12101-13(2021-11)
  • Author:
    CEN/TC 191 Fixed firefighting systems
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    Acceptance inspection; Assembling kits; Blowers; CE marking; Chimney flue; Construction; Definitions; Differential pressure; Differential pressures; Dimensioning; Discharges; Efficiency; Elimination of smoke; Fans; Fire safety; Fire safety in buildings; Fire spread prevention; Fire technology; Firefighting; Functions; Heat control; Heat flow; Heat outlet systems; Installations; Maintenance; Mechanical; Mounting; Operation; Performance; Planning; Reliability; Safety devices; Safety engineering; Security systems in buildings; Smoke; Smoke curtains; Smoke extraction (buildings); Smoke funnel; Smoke protection; Smokeless zones; Specification (approval); Stress; Structural fire protection; Testing; Thermal protection; Types
  • Application areas:
    25.05 Schutzeinrichtungen und -verkleidungen; 25.20 Rettungs- und Brandbekämpfungsgeräte und -ausrüstungen
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; CA Chemische Gefährdungen im Allgemeinen; HB Klima (Temperatur, Feuchtigkeit, Luftströmung, Luftzusammensetzung u. Ä.)
  • ICS:
    13.220.99 Other standards related to protection against fire
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    137,10 EUR
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