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  • Abstract:
    This document establishes requirements for determining, in accordance with a standardized procedure, the sound power level emitted into the surrounding air by air conditioners, heat pumps, liquid chilling packages with electrically driven compressors when used for space heating and/or cooling, and/or for process, as described in the prEN 14511 series, and dehumidifiers, as described in EN 810. This document also covers the measurement of the sound power level of evaporatively cooled condenser air conditioners, as specified in EN 15218. However, the measurement will be done without external water feeding and these units will thus be considered as the other air conditioners covered by the prEN 14511 series. It is emphasized that this measurement standard only refers to airborne noise.
  • Document number:
    EN 12102-1
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    Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages, heat pumps, process chillers and dehumidifiers with electrically driven compressors - Determination of the sound power level - Part 1: Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages, heat pumps for space heating and cooling, dehumidifiers and process chillers
  • Replaces:
    EN 12102-1(2017-11); FprEN 12102-1(2022-02)
  • Author:
    CEN/TC 113 Heat pumps and air conditioning units
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    Acoustics; Air conditioner; Air conditioners; Air conditioning; Airborne noise; Airborne noise emitted; Buildings; Canals; Cold water; Compactors; Components; Compressors; Cooling; Definitions; Dehumidifiers; Determination; Dimensions; Electrical transmission systems; Emission; Enveloping surface methods; Environment; Handling; Heat; Heat pumps; Installation; Instruments; Intensity; Liquid chilling packages; Machines; Measured value; Measurement; Measurement of airborne noise; Measuring distances; Measuring environment; Measuring instruments; Measuring objects; Measuring results; Measuring rooms; Measuring surfaces; Measuring techniques; Measuring uncertainty; Methods; Mounting; Noise; Noise emissions; Noise (environmental); Noise measurement; Operating conditions; Operation; Precision; Reflection; Refrigeration; Reverberation room method; Service installations in buildings; Sound; Sound fields; Sound intensity; Sound level; Sound levels; Sound propagation; Sound sources; Specification; Specification (approval); Symbols; Temperature; Testing; Type of unit; Ventilation; Ventilation duct work
  • Application areas:
    03.40 Heizungs-, Kälte-, Klima-, Kochanlagen (Trocknen, Befeuchten, Räuchern)
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; AC Mess- und Prüfverfahren für die Ermittlung von Belastungen und Gefährdungen; GC Schall (Lärm)
  • ICS:
    17.140.20 Noise emitted by machines and equipment; 27.080 Heat pumps
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    82,20 EUR
  • Cross references:
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  • Identical with:
    BS EN 12102-1(2022-09-12)<IDT>; NF S31-121-1(2022-07-27)<IDT>; SN EN 12102-1(2022-08)<IDT>; OENORM EN 12102-1(2023-02-15)<IDT>; SS-EN 12102-1(2022-08-01)<IDT>; TS EN 12102-1(2022-09-30)<IDT>
  • Legislation:
    EUV 626/2011 (2011-05-04)<M>; EUV 811/2013 (2013-02-18)<M>; EUV 813/2013 (2013-08-02)<M>; EUV 2016/2281 (2016-11-30)<M>
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