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  • Abstract:
    This document specifies the requirements for electric detonators, non-electric detonators, plain detonators, electronic detonators, electronic initiation systems, surface connectors, leading wires, shock tubes, coupling accessories and detonating cord relays. This document specifies classification for electric detonators. This document does not cover devices and accessories for reliable and safe function of detonators and relays; for this, see EN 13763-26:2004.
  • Document number:
    prEN 13763-1
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  • Title:
    Explosives for civil uses - Detonators and detonating cord relays - Part 1: Requirements
  • Author:
    CEN/TC 321 Explosives for civil uses
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    Blasting; Blasting charges; CE marking; Delay equipment; Determination; Detonator; Electric fuse; Electrical; Explosion proofness; Explosives; Explosives storage; Heat stability; Igniters; Ignitor; Inflammable matters; Materials testing; Mathematical calculations; Mechanical strength; Resistance; Retardants; Safety; Specification (approval); Specimen preparation; Time-delay relays
  • Application areas:
    20.20 Feststoffe
  • Hazards:
    FA Brand- und Explosionsgefährdungen im Allgemeinen
  • ICS:
    71.100.30 Explosives. Pyrotechnics and fireworks
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    82,20 EUR
  • Cited in:
    21/30437189 DC (2021-10-28)
  • Identical with:
    DIN EN 13763-1(2021-11)<IDT>; 21/30423925 DC(2021-10-28)<IDT>; OENORM EN 13763-1(2021-12-01)<IDT>
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