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  • Abstract:
    This document describes a biological test method for the determination of the genotype potential of water components. As test organism the genetic changed bacterium salmonella typhimurium. The bacteria are treated with different concentrations of the test portion and the umu C-gen will be determined as a reaction to the induced gen toxin. As test result the dillution steps of the test portion are given, where a defined gen toxic effect can not be registered.
  • Document number:
    DIN 38415-3
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    German standard methods for the examination of water, waste water and sludge - Sub-animal testing (group T) - Part 3: Determination of the genotype potential of water and waste water components with the umu-test (T 3)
  • Replaces:
    DIN 38415-3(1995-12)
  • Author:
    Water Practice Standards Committee
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    Bacteria; Biochemical methods of analysis; Biochemistry; Chemistry of water; Definitions; Gene-changing substances; Genes; Instruments; Investigations; Methods; Microorganisms; Mutagenic; Organisms; Potable water; Reagents; Research methods; Sampling methods; Sewage; Sewage engineering; Sludge; Standard methods; Substances; Test organisms; Test procedures; Testing; Tests; Umu-tests; Water; Water practice; Water testing
  • Application areas:
    20.15 Flüssigkeiten (Säuren, Laugen)
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; AC Mess- und Prüfverfahren für die Ermittlung von Belastungen und Gefährdungen; CC Gefährdungsart: erbgutverändernd
  • ICS:
    13.060.70 Examination of biological properties of water
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    74,00 EUR
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    ISO 13829(2000-03)<MOD>; ISO/DIS 13829(1998-02)<IDT>; TS ISO 13829(2004-04-27)<NEQ>
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