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    Application of the standard in Finland: In Finland the standard EN 50341-1 (Part 1) can only be applied using this NNA (EN 50341- 2-7) containing National Normative Aspects for Finland. The requirements of the standard are applied also for low voltage (below 1 kV AC) overhead lines. The requirements of the structural design are applicable also for DC overhead lines, where the electrical requirements are given in the Project Specification. This standard is applicable for new overhead lines only. Application for existing overhead lines: Overhead lines complying with the mechanical and electrical requirements of its original date of construction can be operated and maintained, if they do not cause obvious danger. The reparation and overhaul of lines can be done according to the previous requirements. Reparation means that a component which has been damaged is substituted with a similar new one. Overhaul means a wider improvement of the line for extending its lifetime. The basic structure remains same as before. This standard should be used for all modification works on existing lines. In modification works earlier norms and standards may also be used. In that case it shall especially be verified that changes in actions do not have significant impact on the loads of lines. Modification work means e. g. relocation of some supports or an extension to a line when this supplement has been taken into account in the original design, e. g. addition of a circuit or changing of the conductors to existing supports. Field of application: Application to covered conductors and aerial cables: The standard includes requirements for the design and construction of overhead lines equipped with covered conductors and aerial cables. Additionally, the requirements of the equipment standards and manufacturers' instructions shall be followed. Application to cables for telecommunication: The standard includes requirements for the application of telecommunication cables installed on common supports with electrical lines. Installation of other equipment: Only equipment belonging to the line (electric or telecommunication line) can be installed on the overhead lines. However, equipment serving communal services or environmental protection like telecommunication equipment, road signs, warning signs or warning balls may also be installed with the permission of the owner of the line. Other equipment than those mentioned above can also be installed on supports equipped with aerial cables with the permission of the owner of the line. If other equipment is installed on the supports, the requirements of safe working practices shall be taken into account. The installation height of equipment meant to be installed and maintained by an ordinary person shall be such that the work can be done without climbing the support and the distances of safe electrical work can be followed (see standard SFS 6002). The additional loads due to other equipment on the line supports shall be taken into account.
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    EN 50341-2-7
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    Overhead electrical lines exceeding AC 1 kV - Part -2-7: National Normative Aspects (NNA) for FINLAND (based on EN 50341-1:2012)
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    CLC/TC 11 Overhead electrical lines exceeding 1 kV a.c. (1,5 kV d.c.)
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    Climatic condition; Czech; Design; Dimensioning; Distances; Durability; Earth cable; Earthing; Effects; Electric cables; Electric conductors; Electrical cords; Electrical engineering; Electrical equipment; Electrical insulation; Electrical properties; Electrical safety; Environmental condition; Environmental sustainability; Erection; Finland; Fitness for purpose; Foundations; Ice loading; Influence of temperature; Insulations; Insulators; Life (durability); Limit loads; Limits (mathematics); Line post insulators; Loadability; Loading; Maintenance; Masts; Material properties; Materials; Mechanics; Open line construction; Operational safety; Overhead line conductors; Overhead power line installations; Overhead power lines; Points of support; Pylons; Quality assurance; Reliability; Soil mechanics; Specification (approval); Structural engineering; Structures; Voltage; Wind loading
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    04.55 Zubehör (Schalter, Steckvorrichtungen, Kabelverbindungen, Relais, Drähte, Kabel, Leitungen, Halterungen)
  • Hazards:
    EB Berühren spannungsführender oder leitfähiger Teile
  • ICS:
    29.240.20 Power transmission and distribution lines
  • Cited in:
    DIN EN 50122-1 (2023-02)<GLEITEND>; DIN VDE 0109 (2020-01); EN 50122-1 (2022-09)<GLEITEND>; OVE EN 50122-1 (2023-03-01)
  • Identical with:
    BS EN 50341-2-7(2015-11-30)<IDT>; DS/EN 50341-2-7(2015-10-15)<IDT>; EN 50341-1(2012-12)<NEQ>; NF C11-241-2-7(2015-09-18)<IDT>; PR NF C11-241-2-7<IDT>; PN-EN 50341-2-7(2015-11-03)<IDT>; UNE-EN 50341-2-7(2015-10-01)<IDT>
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