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    This part of IEC/IEEE 62582 contains methods for condition monitoring of organic and polymeric materials in instrumentation and control systems using the indenter measurement technique in the detail necessary to produce accurate and reproducible measurements. It includes the requirements for the selection of samples, the measurement system and measurement conditions, and the reporting of the measurement results. The different parts of IEC/IEEE 62582 are measurement standards, primarily for use in the management of ageing in initial qualification and after installation. IEC/IEEE 62582-1 includes requirements for the application of the other parts of the IEC/IEEE 62582 series and some elements which are common to all methods. Information on the role of condition monitoring in the qualification of equipment important to safety is found in IEC/IEEE 60780-323. This document is intended for application to non-energised equipment.
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    IEC/IEEE 62582-2
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    Nuclear power plants - Instrumentation and control important to safety - Electrical equipment condition monitoring methods - Part 2: Indenter measurements
  • Replaces:
    IEC 45A/1434/FDIS(2022-07); IEC/IEEE 62582-2(2011-08); IEC/IEEE 62582-2 AMD 1(2016-02); IEC/IEEE 62582-2 Edition 1.1(2016-02)
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    IEC/TC 45 Nuclear instrumentation
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    Accident prevention; Checks; Definitions; Electrical appliances; Electrical components; Electrical engineering; Electrical installations; Examination (quality assurance); Instrumentation; Maintenance; Measurement; Monitoring; Nuclear power plants; Nuclear safety; Nuclear technology; Penetration tests; Polymers; Radiation protection; Reactor accidents; Reactor instrumentation; Safety engineering; Safety systems; Surveillance (approval); Training
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    04.01 Elektrische Betriebsmittel im Allgemeinen
  • Hazards:
    AA Gefährdungen und Belastungen im Allgemeinen; AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug
  • ICS:
    27.120.20 Nuclear power plants. Safety
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    150,00 EUR
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    DIN EN IEC 60544-5 (2023-07)
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    BS IEC/IEEE 62582-2(2022-11-24)<IDT>; IEEE 62582-2(2022)<IDT>
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