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  • Document number:
    ISO 16122-5
  • Issuing date:
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  • Title:
    Agricultural and forestry machines - Inspection of sprayers in use - Part 5: Aerial spray systems
  • Replaces:
    ISO/FDIS 16122-5(2019-12)
  • Author:
    ISO/TC 23 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry
  • Search term:
    Acceptance (approval); Agricultural machines; Agriculture; Aircraft; Control test; Crop protection; Definitions; Equipment safety; Examination (quality assurance); Fertilizers; Fixed-wing aircraft; Forestry; Forestry machines; Gardening; Inspection; Inspectors; Maintenance; Manned; Occupational safety; Rotary-wing aircraft; Safety of products; Sight check; Soil improving materials; Specification (approval); Testing; Workplace safety
  • Application areas:
    03.88 Land- und Forstmaschinen, Spritz- und Sprühgeräte, Gartengeräte
  • Hazards:
    AB Terminologische Festlegungen in Normen mit Arbeitsschutzbezug; HA Gefährdungen durch Faktoren der Arbeits- und Arbeitsplatzgestaltung im Allgemeinen
  • ICS:
    13.020.99 Other standards related to environmental protection; 65.060.40 Plant care equipment
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    72,00 EUR
  • Cross references:
    ISO 5682-1 (2017-05)<S>; ISO 5682-2 (2017-05)<S>; ISO 16122-1 (2015-03)<S>; ISO 5681 (2020-01)<G>
  • Identical with:
    DIN EN ISO 16122-5(2021-03)<IDT>; BS EN ISO 16122-5(2021-01-15)<IDT>; EN ISO 16122-5(2020-12)<IDT>; NF U26-110-5(2020-12-23)<IDT>; OENORM EN ISO 16122-5(2021-03-01)<IDT>; SS-EN ISO 16122-5(2021-01-08)<IDT>; UNE-EN ISO 16122-5(2021-09-22)<IDT>; TS EN ISO 16122-5(2021-02-15)<IDT>
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