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A - Hazards and stresses in general (danger, hazard, risk assessment, combined stresses)
B - Biological hazards
C - Chemical hazards
D - Mechanical hazards
E - Electrical hazards
F - Fire and explosion hazards
G - Risks arising from physical agents
H - Hazards caused by work factors and workplace design
I - Hazards caused by mental stress and inadequate work organisation
K - Other types of stress
A  zum Listenanfang   Hazards and stresses in general (danger, hazard, risk assessment, combined stresses)
AA Hazards and stresses in general  (768) 
AB Terminological definitions in standards related to occupational health and safety  (11785) 
AC Measurement and test procedures and data for determining hazards and stresses  (5056) 
AD Consequences of hazards and stresses (e.g. fatigue, suffocation, drowning)  (511) 
B  zum Listenanfang   Biological hazards
BA Biological hazards in general  (531) 
BB Microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites etc.)  (353) 
BC Genetically modified organisms  (5) 
BD Allergens  (13) 
BF Toxic substances  (134) 
C  zum Listenanfang   Chemical hazards
CA Chemical hazards in general  (1687) 
CB Type of hazard: carcinogenic  (60) 
CC Type of hazard: mutogenic  (7) 
CE Type of hazard: irritant/caustic  (128) 
CF Type of hazard: sensitising  (10) 
CG Type of hazard: toxic  (123) 
D  zum Listenanfang   Mechanical hazards
DA Mechanical hazards in general  (2257) 
DB Crushing, trapping  (184) 
DC Shearing  (45) 
DD Cutting  (248) 
DE Abrasion  (60) 
DF Falling, slipping, tripping  (323) 
DG Impact, piercing, puncturing  (261) 
E  zum Listenanfang   Electrical hazards
EA Electrical hazards in general  (3638) 
EB Touching live or conductive parts  (3228) 
EC Electrostatic charges  (55) 
F  zum Listenanfang   Fire and explosion hazards
FA Fire and explosion hazards in general  (1270) 
FB Fire hazards  (1420) 
FC Explosion hazards  (242) 
G  zum Listenanfang   Risks arising from physical agents
GA Risks arising from physical agents in general  (723) 
GC Sound (noise)  (1282) 
GD Vibration and shock  (455) 
GF Optical radiation (infrared, ultraviolet and laser radiation)  (360) 
GH Electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields  (918) 
GI Ionising radiation (x-rays, nuclear radiation/alpha, beta and gamma rays)  (676) 
GK Working under positive or negative (vacuum) pressure  (33) 
GL Contact with hot or cold media (surfaces, environments)  (1499) 
H  zum Listenanfang   Hazards caused by work factors and workplace design
HA Hazards caused by work factors and workplace design in general  (1070) 
HB Climate (temperature, humidity, air flow, air composition etc.)  (1298) 
HC Lighting (brightness, glare, colour, contrast etc.)  (401) 
HD Handling factors (design and layout of control elements, space for movement, design and manageability of work equipment, field of view, stability)  (2592) 
HE Workplace (outdoor work, underground work, work without natural light, changing workplaces)  (112) 
HF Inadequate marking  (1771) 
HG Physical stress (heavy work, repetitive and sustained postures, static work positions, constrained postures, lifting, carrying etc.)  (580) 
HI Inadequate instructions for use and operating instructions  (337) 
HK Inadequate selection and misuse of personal protective equipment  (187) 
I  zum Listenanfang   Hazards caused by mental stress and inadequate work organisation
IA Hazards caused by mental stress and inadequate work organization in general  (107) 
IB Perceptual factors at VDUs and in control rooms (layout and arrangement of information elements, perpetual alertness, concentration, quantity and structure of information)  (326) 
IC Poor framework conditions (job dissatisfaction, bad working atmosphere, workplace bullying, no conflict management, poor career prospects, lack of job and income security)  (5) 
ID Work content and qualification (mental demands, scope for decision-making , pace of, overload/underload, personal growth, further training)  (251) 
IF Poor communication (poor social contacts, lack of information, lack of recognition, isolation)  (31) 
IG Mental stress factors (monotony, stress, time pressure, pressure of responsibility, fear of making mistakes, increased performance demands, perceptual factors)  (188) 
IK Poor organization of working time (scheduling, duration) (shift work, night work, Sunday work, overtime)  (4) 
IL Supervision (monitoring of behaviour and performance)  (3) 
K  zum Listenanfang   Other types of stress
KA Other types of stress in general  (28) 
KB Stress due to human beings  (27) 
KE Stress due to malfunction of workplace equipment (failure, breakage, installation errors; software failure, power failure)  (2456) 
KF Stress due to malfunction, failure or absence of safety devices  (730) 
KG Stress due to malfunction of equipment  (121) 
Y  zum Listenanfang   Environmental hazards
YA Impact of OH&S measures on the environment in general  (2) 

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