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IA Hazards caused by mental stress and inadequate work organization in general (91)
IB Perceptual factors at VDUs and in control rooms (layout and arrangement of information elements, perpetual alertness, concentration, quantity and structure of information) (319)
IC Poor framework conditions (job dissatisfaction, bad working atmosphere, workplace bullying, no conflict management, poor career prospects, lack of job and income security) (5)
ID Work content and qualification (mental demands, scope for decision-making , pace of, overload/underload, personal growth, further training) (248)
IF Poor communication (poor social contacts, lack of information, lack of recognition, isolation) (31)
IG Mental stress factors (monotony, stress, time pressure, pressure of responsibility, fear of making mistakes, increased performance demands, perceptual factors) (185)
IK Poor organization of working time (scheduling, duration) (shift work, night work, Sunday work, overtime) (3)
IL Supervision (monitoring of behaviour and performance) (5)

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